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 What is RSS?

What is RSS?

RSS stands for Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication depending on who you ask. It is a small XML format for passing sets of links from one site to another. Here is XML.com's RSS definition.

From Mark Pilgrim's "What is RSS?": RSS is a format for syndicating news and the content of news-like sites, including major news sites like Wired, news-oriented community sites like Slashdot, and personal weblogs. But it's not just for news. Pretty much anything that can be broken down into discrete items can be syndicated via RSS: the "recent changes" page of a wiki, a changelog of CVS checkins, even the revision history of a book. Once information about each item is in RSS format, an RSS-aware program can check the feed for changes and react to the changes in an appropriate way.

Where can I get more RSS feeds?

What Are Newsfeeds?

Newsfeeds are small sources of HTML that show the latest news items from a variety of sources. For an example, see The Merovingian World News. Using regular expressions or Really Simple Syndication XML standards, websites can pass their latest content to other websites or to a number of client tools.

With newsfeeds you can keep up with the subjects that interest you the most very quickly and easily on a variety of platforms.

How Can I use Newsfeeds as a user?

You can use web-based applications like The Merovingian, Bloglines or many client based applications to keep up with your favorite RSS feeds.


The following is a compiled list of news feeds, Feel free to link your RSS Feeds to any of these sites!

Apple Computer

Apple Hot News
description = Hot News provided by Apple.
home = http://www.apple.com/hotnews/
name = Apple Hot News
rss = http://www.apple.com/main/rss/hotnews/hotnews.rss

Apple Press Releases
description = Press Releases from Apple Computer, Inc.
home = http://www.apple.com/pr/
name = Apple Press Releases
rss = http://www.apple.com/main/rss/hotnews/pr.rss

Mac OS X Downloads
description = Mac OS X downloads provided by Apple.
home = http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/
name = Mac OS X Downloads
rss = http://www.apple.com/main/rss/downloads/downloads.rss

Mac OS X Hot Downloads
description = Mac OS X downloads provided by Apple.
home = http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/
name = Mac OS X Hot Downloads
rss = http://www.apple.com/main/rss/downloads/hot_downloads.rss


AP Business
description = No Description
home = http://www.nytimes.com/pages/business/
name = AP Business
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/59/759.xml

Ananova : Business
description = The world's first virtual newscaster, Ananova.
home = http://www.ananova.com/business/
name = Ananova : Business
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/39/1639.xml

Asian Business Strategy and Street Intelligence E-zine
description = Daily Asian business, economic, market research, and street intelligence. Columnists, tips, marketing reviews, research articles, street and mainstream news, direct from Asia and authoritative market research sources.
home = http://www.apmforum.com/asia-business-strategy.php
name = Asian Business Strategy and Street Intelligence E-zine
rss = http://www.apmforum.com/channel.xml

BBC Business
description = No Description
home = http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/default.stm/
name = BBC Business
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/79/79.xml

Business Week : Daily Briefing
description = Business Week Daily News Headlines
home = http://www.businessweek.com/bwdaily/
name = Business Week : Daily Briefing
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/34/634.xml

Forbes : Breaking News
description = Home Page for the World's Business Leaders
home = http://www.forbes.com/breakingnews/
name = Forbes : Breaking News
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/23/4623.xml

IHT : Business
description = International Herald Tribune
home = http://www.iht.com/business.htm
name = IHT : Business
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/10/1210.xml

Red Herring
description = The Business of Innovation
home = http://www.herring.com/
name = Red Herring
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/95/1495.xml

The West Online
description = No Description
home = http://www.thewest.com.au/
name = The West Online
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/85/2085.xml

Headline News

BBC - Front Page
description = Updated every minute of every day
home = http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/default.stm
name = BBC - Front Page
rss = http://www.bbc.co.uk/syndication/feeds/news/ukfs_news/front_page/rss091.xml

BBC - UK News
description = Updated every minute of every day
home = http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/uk/default.stm
name = BBC News | UK
rss = http://www.bbc.co.uk/syndication/feeds/news/ukfs_news/uk/rss091.xml

description = The world's news leader
home = http://www.cnn.com
name = CNN;
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/15/2315.xml

Daily Princetonian
description = The latest news from The Daily Princetonian.
home = http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/
name = Daily Princetonian
rss = http://www.dailyprincetonian.com/rss.xml

Guardian Unlimited
description = Intelligent news and comment throughout the day from The Guardian newspaper
home = http://www.guardian.co.uk
name = Guardian Unlimited
rss = http://www.guardian.co.uk/rss/1,,,00.xml

News Is Free: Popular Items
description = Most popular items today on News Is Free
home = http://www.newsisfree.com/sources/popular/
name = News Is Free: Popular Items
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/popular.xml

description = Bringing perspective to breaking news
home = http://www.msnbc.com/p/nw/nw_contents.asp
name = Newsweek;
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/11/3411.xml

The Washington Post : Front Page
description =
home = http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/print/a1/
name = The Washington Post : Front Page
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/87/2087.xml

USA Today : Top News
description = US Newspaper
home = http://www.usatoday.com/news/newsline.htm
name = USA Today : Top News
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/42/1842.xml

Information Technology

4DToday.com News
description = The ultimate information source for 4D developers.
home = http://4DToday.com/
name = 4DToday.com News
rss = http://4dtoday.com/en/rss.xml

802.11b Networking News
description = Glenn Fleishman's 802.11b networking news
home = http://80211b.weblogger.com/
name = 802.11b Networking News
rss = http://80211b.weblogger.com/xml/rss.xml

Antisource (Anti-Virus)
description = An informational portal for antivirus and other malware related topics.
home = http://www. antisource.com/
name = Antisource
rss = http://www.antisource.com/backend/sitenews.xml

Apache Week
description = The essential resource for anyone running an Apache server, or anyone responsible for running Apache-based services.
home = http://www.apacheweek.com/
name = Apache Week
rss = http://www.apacheweek.com/issues/apacheweek-headlines.xml

description = Up to date news and information on the latest in cutting edge software.
home = http://www.betanews.com/
name = BetaNews.Com
rss = http://www.betanews.com/mnn.php3

description = Fun With Broadband
home = http://www.broadbandreports.com/
name = Broadbandreports;
rss = http://www.dslreports.com/rss.xml

Broz News
description = Hand picked tech news, updated daily
home = http://www.broznews.com/index.php
name = Broz News
rss = http://broznews.org/story.xml

Content Syndication with XML and RSS
description = The work-in-progress of O'Reilly's Content Syndication with XML and RSS by Ben Hammersley
home = http://rss.benhammersley.com/
name = Content Syndication with XML and RSS
rss = http://rss.benhammersley.com/index.xml

Developer Shed
description = The Open Source Web development site. Includes free tutorials on technologies such as PHP, JSP, XML, Python, and MySQL. Join developer forums and recieve a free developer newsletter.
home = http://www.devshed.com/
name = Developer Shed
rss = http://www.devshed.com/devshednews.rdf

KernelTrap - Your Source For Current Kernel News
description = KernelTrap is a web community devoted to sharing the latest in kernel development news. The site is a hobby and has no commercial aims.
home = http://kerneltrap.org/
name = KernelTrap - Your Source For Current Kernel News
rss = http://kerneltrap.org/?op=feed

Linux Journal
description = Linux Journal focuses specifically on Linux and other open-source OSes, allowing the content to be a highly specialized source of information for open-source enthusiasts.
home = http://www.linuxjournal.com
name = Linux Journal
rss = http://www3.linuxjournal.com/news.rss

description = News, Reviews, Discussion, and more
home = http://www.pdabuzz.com/
name = PDABuzz.com
rss = http://www.pdabuzz.com/netscape.txt

PHP Everywhere
description = Daily news, articles and free source code on PHP, the popular web scripting language, and other Web technologies.
home = http://php.weblogs.com/
name = PHP Everywhere
rss = http://php.weblogs.com/xml/rss.xml

description = PHP News, views and community
home = http://www.phpdeveloper.org/
name = PHPDeveloper.org
rss = http://www.phpdeveloper.org/phpdev.rdf

description = O'Reilly Network's source for Perl developer news and information.
home = http://www.perl.com/
name = Perl.com
rss = http://www.perl.com/pace/perlnews.rdf

Ruby Weekly News
description = Recent news about Ruby
home = http://www.rubygarden.org/rurl/html/index.html
name = Ruby Weekly News
rss = http://www.rubygarden.org/rurl/html/rurl.rdf

Scripting News
home = http://www.scripting.com/
description = A weblog about scripting and stuff like that.
home = http://scripting.com/
name = Scripting News
rss = http://www.scripting.com/rss.xml

Slashdot : Developers
description = News for nerds, stuff that matters
home = http://developers.slashdot.org/
name = Slashdot : Developers
rss = http://slashdot.org/developers.rdf

SourceForge.net Project News
description = SourceForge.net Project News Highlights
home = http://sourceforge.net/
name = SourceForge.net Project News
rss = http://sourceforge.net/export/rss_sfnews.php

The Register
description = The IT newssite with attitude
home = http://www.theregister.co.uk/
name = The Register
rss = http://www.theregister.co.uk/tonys/slashdot.rdf

TheServerSide.Com : Your J2EE Community
description = TheServerSide.Com is a J2EE Community, containing up-to-date news, discussions, patterns, resources, and media
home = http://www.theserverside.com/
name = TheServerSide.Com : Your J2EE Community
rss = http://www.theserverside.com/rss/theserverside-1.0.rdf

ThinkGeek : What's New
description = Stuff for Smart Masses
home = http://www.thinkgeek.com/
name = ThinkGeek : What's New
rss = http://www.thinkgeek.com/thinkgeek.rdf

description = Where Web Developers and Designers Learn how to Build Web Sites.
home = http://www.webdeveloper.com
name = WebDeveloper.com
rss = http://www.webdeveloper.com/webdeveloper.rdf

description = Daily news, views, and how-tos on all aspects of web design and development. Features free web-based tools, open source scripts, and in-depth tutorials on DHTML, HTML, JavaScript, 3D, Graphics, XML, and Design for webmasters.
home = http://www.webreference.com/
name = WebReference;
rss = http://www.webreference.com/webreference.rdf

description = Web Services Portal
home = http://www.webservices.org
name = WebServices.Org
rss = http://www.webservices.org/index.php/article/rssheadlines

description = News from Zope.org
home = http://www.zope.org/
name = Zope.org
rss = http://www.zope.org/SiteIndex/news.rss

allNetDevices Wireless News
description = The complete source of news and information about handhelds, smart phones, set-top boxes and other devices that connect to the Internet.
home = http://www.allnetdevices.com/
name = allNetDevices Wireless News
rss = http://www.allnetdevices.com/and.rdf

freshmeat.net - Software
description = freshmeat.net maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform open source software. Thousands of applications are meticulously cataloged in the freshmeat.net database, and links to new code are added daily.
home = http://software.freshmeat.net
name = freshmeat.net - Software
rss = http://www.freshmeat.net/backend/fm-releases-software.rdf

description = News and Resources from the Handheld and Wireless sectors
home = http://www.infosync.no/
name = infoSync;
rss = http://www.infosync.no/feed/infosync_rdf.php

description = Tech Opinion commentary for the people, by the people.
home = http://www.osopinion.com/
name = osOpinion;
rss = http://www.osopinion.com/OSOlinks2.xml

description = Developer news from the XML community
home = http://www.xmlhack.com/
name = xmlhack;
rss = http://www.xmlhack.com/rsscat.php

International News

description = Singapore and Asian news, e-commerce and more
home = http://www.asiaone.com.sg/
name = AsiaOne;
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/53/1853.xml

CNN - Europe
description = Current news with audio and video clips; latest news headlines for business, world, weather, sport, entertainment, technology
home = http://europe.cnn.com/
name = CNN - Europe
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/97/697.xml

CNN - World
description = Real time updated news from the first worldwide TV channel specialized in world information
home = http://www.cnn.com/WORLD/
name = CNN - World
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/96/696.xml

description = International Herald Tribune
home = http://www.iht.com/frontpage.htm
name = IHT;
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/29/729.xml

New York Times : International News
description = No Description
home = http://www.nytimes.com/pages/world/
name = New York Times : International News
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/64/164.xml

Observer : International
description = Guardian Unlimited Observer
home = http://www.observer.co.uk/international
name = Observer : International
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/80/2480.xml

The Washington Post : World News
description = No Description
home = http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/print/world/
name = The Washington Post : World News
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/88/2088.xml

World News from BBC
description = BBC World News
home = http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/world/default.stm
name = World News from BBC
rss = http://news.blakecrosby.com/bbc.xml


description = Your Daily Source for BSD News and Information
home = http://www.bsdtoday.com/
name = BSDtoday;
rss = http://www.bsdtoday.com/backend/bt.rdf

KDE Dot News
description = KDE Dot News: KDE News on the Dot.
home = http://dot.kde.org/
name = KDE Dot News
rss = http://dot.kde.org/rdf

Linux Journal
description = Linux Journal focuses specifically on Linux and other open-source OSes, allowing the content to be a highly specialized source of information for open-source enthusiasts.
home = http://www.linuxjournal.com/
name = Linux Journal
rss = http://www.linuxjournal.com/news.rss

Linux Magazine
description = Linux Magazine Online
home = http://www.linux-mag.com/
name = Linux Magazine
rss = http://www.linux-mag.com/lm.rss

Linux Today
description = Linux Today News Service
home = http://linuxtoday.com/
name = Linux Today
rss = http://linuxtoday.com/backend/biglt.rss

Linux.Com: NewsForge Reports
description = The Online Newspaper of Record for Linux and Open Source
home = http://newsforge.com/
name = Linux.Com: NewsForge Reports
rss = http://newsforge.com/newsforge.rss

RootPrompt.org -- Nothing but Unix
description = News and information for Unix Sysadmins
home = http://rootprompt.org/
name = RootPrompt.org -- Nothing but Unix
rss = http://rootprompt.org/rss/

description = freshmeat.net maintains the Web's largest index of Unix and cross-platform open source software. Thousands of applications are meticulously cataloged in the freshmeat.net database, and links to new code are added daily.
home = http://freshmeat.net/
name = freshmeat.net
rss = http://www.freshmeat.net/backend/fm-releases.rdf


AppleScript Info
description = AppleScript News and Information
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0103146/
name = AppleScript Info
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0103146/rss.xml

Mac Digital Audio
description = news and information for your ears
home = http://www.macdigitalaudio.com/
name = Mac Digital Audio
rss = http://www.macdigitalaudio.com/syndicate.rss

Mac Net Journal
description = Making the most of working with Mac OS X
home = http://www.whiterabbits.com/MacNetJournal/
name = Mac Net Journal
rss = http://www.whiterabbits.com/macnetjournal/news.rss

Mac OS X Apps
description = The Source For Mac OS X Software
home = http://www.macosxapps.com/
name = Mac OS X Apps
rss = http://www.macosxapps.com/backend/macosxapps.rdf

Mac OS X Hints
description = Get the most from X!
home = http://www.macosxhints.com/
name = Mac OS X Hints
rss = http://www.macosxhints.com/backend/geeklog.rdf

description = MacCentral is the leading resource for Macintosh-related headline news. Continuously updated seven days a week, this site brings readers late-breaking news and product announcements from all over the industry. MacCentral also provides software updates, tips & tricks, forums, reader polls and more, all in a format that is engaging, fun and easy to use.
home = http://www.maccentral.com/
name = MacCentral;
rss = http://maccentral.macworld.com/mnn.cgi

description = MacDailyNews is your source for daily news and opinion about Apple and the Mac. Where Mac News Comes First.
home = http://www.macdailynews.com/
name = MacDailyNews;
rss = http://www.macdailynews.com/rss/rss.xml

description = Macintosh developers community website
home = http://www.macmegasite.com/
name = MacMegasite;
rss = http://www.macmegasite.com/backend.php

description = MacMerc.com - You may already be a Macintosh Mercenary!
home = http://macmerc.com/
name = MacMerc;
rss = http://macmerc.com/backend.php

description = MacMinute.com - Mac news at its fastest
home = http://www.macminute.com/
name = MacMinute.com
rss = http://www.macminute.com/headlines.xml

home = http://www.macnet2.com/
description =
home = http://www.macnet2.com/index.php
name = MacNETv2;
rss = http://www.macnet2.com/index.xml

description = MacNN.com is the leading source for news about Apple and the Mac industry. It offers news, reviews, discussion, tips, troubleshooting, links, and reviews every day. The best place for Mac News. Period.
home = http://www.macnn.com/
name = MacNN;
rss = http://www.macnn.com/macnn.rdf

description = the mac news you care about
home = http://www.macrumors.com/
name = MacRumors;
rss = http://www.macrumors.com/macrumors.xml

description = A daily dose of Macintosh News and Discussion
home = http://www.macslash.org/
name = MacSlash;
rss = http://www.macslash.org/macslash.rdf

MacUpdate - Mac OS X
description =
home = http://www.macupdate.com/index.php?os=macosx
name = MacUpdate - Mac OS X
rss = http://www.macupdate.com/mommy/macsurferx.php

O'Reilly MacDevCenter.com
description = O'Reilly MacDevCenter.com
home = http://www.macdevcenter.com/
name = O'Reilly MacDevCenter.com
rss = http://www.oreillynet.com/meerkat/?&p=8113&_fl=rss

description = MacOS X Guide - OSXGuide.com
home = http://www.osxguide.com/
name = OSXGuide.com
rss = http://www.osxguide.com/backend.php

Scripting Additions
description = Scripting Additions @ Macscripter.net
home = http://www.osaxen.com/
name = Scripting Additions
rss = http://www.osaxen.com/backend.php

Studio Log
description = The latest AppleScript Studio and Mac OS X News Headlines
home = http://www.blankreb.com/studiolog.php
name = Studio Log
rss = http://www.blankreb.com/studionews.xml

description = Insightful news, reviews, and analysis of the Macintosh and Internet worlds
home = http://www.tidbits.com/
name = TidBITS;
rss = http://www.tidbits.com/channels/tidbits.rss

Unsanity News
description = Unsanity.com - Insane Tools for Insanely Great People - Mac OS X Software
home = http://www.unsanity.com/
name = Unsanity News
rss = http://www.unsanity.com/rss.php

description = dotmac.info -- News, Calendars, Movies, Photo Albums and other Cool .Mac Stuff!
home = http://www.dotmac.info/
name = dotmac.info
rss = http://www.dotmac.info/headlines.php

description = weblog for the mac reader
home = http://www.myapplemenu.com/
name = myapplemenu;
rss = http://www.myapplemenu.com/cgi-bin/surfView.cgi?category=applesurf&fmt=rss

Science and Technology

ACM Tech News
description = No Description
home = http://www.acm.org/technews/current/homepage.html
name = ACM Tech News
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/84/1684.xml

BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
description = Updated every minute of every day
home = http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/1/hi/technology/default.stm
name = BBC News | Technology | UK Edition
rss = http://www.bbc.co.uk/syndication/feeds/news/ukfs_news/technology/rss091.xm

Beyond 2000 - Daily Science News
description = Your source for daily science and technology news, along with video archives of the tv show.
home = http://www.beyond2000.com/
name = Beyond 2000 - Daily Science News
rss = http://www.beyond2000.com.au/b2k.rdf

Business Week : Technology
description = Business Week
home = http://www.businessweek.com/technology/index.html
name = Business Week : Technology
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/28/1828.xml

CNET News.com
description = Tech News First
home = http://www.news.com/
name = CNET News.com
rss = http://rss.com.com/2547-1040-0-5.xml

Christian Science Monitor | Sci/Tech
description = News about the Internet, environment, space, and other topics, from csmonitor.com
home = http://csmonitor.com/scitech/
name = Christian Science Monitor | Sci/Tech
rss = http://csmonitor.com/rss/scitech.rss

ESA Science News
description = ESA Science News Syndication Service, covering top stories of the European Space Agency's scientific programme missions.
home = http://sci.esa.int/
name = ESA Science News
rss = http://sci.esa.int/newssyndication/rss/sciweb.xml

description = Top News from InfoWorld
home = http://www.infoworld.com/news/t_index.html
name = InfoWorld;
rss = http://www.infoworld.com/rss/news.rdf

Moreover Science News
description = moreover... - news headlines from around the web, refreshed every 15 minutes
home = http://www.moreover.com/
name = Moreover Science News
rss = http://www.moreover.com/cgi-local/page?index_sciencephysical+rss

NASA Daily News
description = No Description
home = http://www.nasa.gov/today/
name = NASA Daily News
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/62/62.xml

New York Times : Science
description = No Description
home = http://www.nytimes.com/pages/science/index.html
name = New York Times : Science
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/63/163.xml

New York Times : Technology
description = No Description
home = http://www.nytimes.com/pages/technology/
name = New York Times : Technology
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/28/1828.xml

Reuters Health eLine
description = A daily look at the top consumer-oriented health-related news stories.
home = http://www.reutershealth.com/
name = Reuters Health eLine
rss = http://www.reutershealth.com/eline.rss

description = Exploration. Discovery. Mystery. See what's out there.
home = http://www.space.com
name = SPACE.com
rss = http://www.space.com/syn/slashdot/slashdot.rdf

description = News for nerds, stuff that matters
home = http://slashdot.org/
name = Slashdot;
rss = http://slashdot.org/slashdot.rss

Technology Review - Biotech
description = MIT's magazine of innovation
home = http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/bio.asp
name = Technology Review - Biotech
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/08/1708.xml

Technology Review - Computers and Electronics
description = MIT's magazine of innovation. TechReview - Infotech
home = http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/com.asp
name = Technology Review - Computers and Electronics
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/16/1016.xml

Technology Review - Nanotech
description = MIT's magazine of innovation
home = http://www.technologyreview.com/articles/nan.asp
name = Technology Review - Nanotech
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/09/1709.xml

internetnews.com: Top News
description = Latest top Internet news headlines from internetnews.com
home = http://internetnews.com/
name = internetnews.com: Top News
rss = http://headlines.internet.com/internetnews/top-news/news.rss

description = Space news summaries and links to articles published around the web.
home = http://www.spacetoday.net/
name = spacetoday.net
rss = http://www.spacetoday.net/summaries.rdf


BBC Sports
description = No Description
home = http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport/default.stm
name = BBC Sports
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/63/863.xml

IHT : Sports
description = International Herald Tribune
home = http://www.iht.com/sports.htm
name = IHT: Sports
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/15/1215.xml

New York Times : Sports
description = No Description
home = http://www.nytimes.com/pages/sports/index.html
name = New York Times : Sports
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/60/760.xml

USA Today : Sports
description = No Description
home = http://www.usatoday.com/sports/briefs.htm
name = USA Today : Sports
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/45/1845.xml

Washington Post : Sports
description = No Description
home = http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/print/sports/
name = Washington Post : Sports
rss = http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/feeds/91/2091.xml

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Weblogs 0-F

:: c h r o n o p o l i s | NEW YORK ::
description = art, architecture, design, technology, & life. in manhattan.
home = http://www.chronopolisnewyork.com/
name = :: c h r o n o p o l i s | NEW YORK ::
rss = http://www.chronopolisnewyork.com/index.rdf

ABC Electric Journal
description = Official mouthpiece of the American Book Congress.
home = http://www.americanbookcongress.org/
name = ABC Electric Journal
rss = http://www.americanbookcongress.org/weblog.xml

description = John Abbe's personal wiki-weblog, often writing on Lanka, wikis, MacOS, nonviolence, and whatever else i feel like
home = http://www.ourpla.net/cgi-bin/pikie.cgi?AbbeNormal
name = AbbeNormal;
rss = http://www.ourpla.net/cgi-bin/pikie.cgi?rss=AbbeNormal

Abner Stories
description = Abner Germanow's musings on security, wireless, and more.
home = http://www.securitystory.com/
name = Abner Stories
rss = http://www.securitystory.com/index.rdf

Adam Curry's Weblog
description = News and Views from Adam Curry
home = http://live.curry.com/
name = Adam Curry's Weblog
rss = http://cloud.datashed.net/users/adam@curry.com/curryCom.xml

description = News for grown-ups.
home = http://www.adequacy.org/
name = Adequacy.org
rss = http://www.adequacy.org/backend.rdf

Andrea's Weblog
description = My personal weblog. Interests include science (physics, mathematics), teaching, traveling, the web and lots of other stuff. The site is mostly in English but includes parts in German, too.
home = http://andrea.editthispage.com/
name = Andrea's Weblog
rss = http://andrea.editthispage.com/xml/rss.xml

description = Look at me when I'm talking to you...
home = http://www.antipixel.com/blog/
name = Antipixel;
rss = http://www.antipixel.com/blog/index.xml

description = Any sea or broad sheet of water interspersed with many islands -- and cool software.
home = http://archipelago.phrasewise.com/
name = Archipelago;
rss = http://archipelago.phrasewise.com/xml/rss.xml

Backup Brain
home = http://www.backupbrain.com/
name = Backup Brain
rss = http://www.backupbrain.com/index.xml

Banners And Us
description = An open channel with Greenpeace folks.
home = http://weblog.greenpeace.org/
name = Banners And Us
rss = http://weblog.greenpeace.org/index.xml

Better Living Through Software
description = Life at Microsoft, the software industry from a rational perspective
home = http://www.netcrucible.com/blog/index.html
name = Better Living Through Software
rss = http://www.netcrucible.com/blog/rss.xml

Bifurcated Rivets
description = Eclectica for Epopts - Lindsay Marshall's weblog
home = http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/weblog/latest
name = Bifurcated Rivets
rss = http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/rivets.rdf

Blog Free or Die!
description = Who says I can't?
home = http://www.dartmouth.edu/~asg/blog/
name = Blog Free or Die!
rss = http://www.dartmouth.edu/~asg/blog/rss.xml

Boing Boing
home = http://boingboing.net/
description = The Blog of Wonderful things
home = http://www.boingboing.net/
name = Boing Boing
rss = http://boingboing.net/rss.xml

description = Your daily slice of gray matter. A weblog about Software Development tools and methodology.
home = http://www.brainloaf.com/
name = BrainLoaf;
rss = http://www.brainloaf.com/rss.xml

Brent Sleeper's Web Journal
description = This is Brent Sleeper's web site. Social architecture, appreciation for the moment, and system design. It's a cute and fluffy blog.
home = http://www.flightpath.com/
name = Brent Sleeper's Web Journal
rss = http://www.flightpath.com/rss.xml

Capn Design
description =
home = http://www.capndesign.com/
name = Capn Design
rss = http://www.capndesign.com/index.xml

Chuck Shotton's Logic Faults
description = Things that make sense to me (and maybe only me).
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0108814/
name = Chuck Shotton's Logic Faults
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0108814/rss.xml

Confessions of a Mozillian
description = David Hyatt's Weblog.
home = http://www.mozillazine.org/weblogs/hyatt/
name = Confessions of a Mozillian
rss = http://www.mozillazine.org/weblogs/hyatt/blogger_rss.xml

Daring Fireball
description = Macintosh punditry and curmudgeonry.
home = http://daringfireball.net/
name = Daring Fireball
rss = http://daringfireball.net/index.xml

David Davies @ Work
description = Just making it up as I go along!
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001161/
name = David Davies @ Work
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001161/rss.xml

description = A one sentence description!? Bah! Impossible!
home = http://www.disobey.com/dnn/
name = Disobey;
rss = http://www.disobey.com/dnn/index.xml

description = DiveNews.Com - R.E.N.
home = http://www.divenews.com/
name = DiveNews.Com
rss = http://www.divenews.com/backend.php

Doc Searls
description = Linux Journal senior editor and Cluetrain Manifesto co-author holds forth on whatever fancies his suit.
home = http://doc.weblogs.com/
name = Doc Searls
rss = http://doc.weblogs.com/xml/rss.xml

Donovan's Coral Reef Weblog
description = Daily Rantings of CORAL Webweaver.
home = http://dwatts.coral.org/
name = Donovan's Coral Reef Weblog
rss = http://dwatts.coral.org/rss.xml

Doug's Austin Radio Weblog
description = Comments, observations, and delights of life in Austin Texas
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0111108/
name = Doug's Austin Radio Weblog
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0111108/rss.xml

Doug's Dynamic Drivel
description = Whoever would overthrow the liberty of a nation must begin by subduing the freeness of speech. Benjamin Franklin
home = http://www.thealders.net/blogs/
name = Doug's Dynamic Drivel
rss = http://www.thealders.net/blogs/index.xml

East West
description = The urban American online magazine for lifestylers.
home = http://www.eastwest.nu/
name = East West
rss = http://www.eastwest.nu/index.xml

description = Featuring photography, a daily journal, the Captions Game, and more.
home = http://www.edgecurve.com/
name = EdgeCurve;
rss = http://www.edgecurve.com/rss.php

Edith Frost
description = indie recording artist, geek
home = http://www.edithfrost.com/
name = Edith Frost
rss = http://www.edithfrost.com/index.rdf

Egg Blog
description = stuff;
home = http://www.stelo.uklinux.net/egg/index.php
name = Egg Blog
rss = http://www.stelo.uklinux.net/egg/b2rss.xml

Erehwon Notebook
description = The personal weblog of Doug Miller, covering topics from technology to politics and management to strategy.
home = http://www.deosil.com/doug/
name = Erehwon Notebook
rss = http://www.deosil.com/doug/rss.php3

Erik's Weblog
description = The Truth is Out There!
home = http://www.thauvin.net/blog/
name = Erik's Weblog
rss = http://www.thauvin.net/blog/xml.jsp

description =
home = http://www.flutterby.com/
name = Flutterby!
rss = http://www.flutterby.com/main.rdf

description = Fresh Hypertext
home = http://www.frownland.com/
name = Frownland;
rss = http://www.frownland.com/rss.php

description = Ftrain is the personal web site of writer Paul Ford.
home = http://ftrain.com/
name = Ftrain.com
rss = http://www.ftrain.com/ftrain.rdf

atmaspheric | endeavors
description = multi-tasked stream of consciousness
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0110997/
name = atmaspheric | endeavors
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0110997/rss.xml

bbum's rants, code & references
description = Laziness, Impatience, Hubris...
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100490/
name = bbum's rants, code & references
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100490/rss.xml

description = scot hacker's foobar blog
home = http://www.birdhouse.org/blog/
name = birdhouse.org
rss = http://www.birdhouse.org/blog/index.rdf

description = A collection of the best bytes filtered for your consumption.
home = http://www.blogsplitter.com/
name = blogsplitter;
rss = http://www.blogsplitter.com/rss.xml

description = What Nat Irons learned today, plus considerable topic drift
home = http://bumppo.net/
name = bumppo.net
rss = http://bumppo.net/index.xml

chaotic intransient prose bursts
home = http://www.kung-foo.tv/blog/
name = chaotic intransient prose bursts
rss = http://www.kung-foo.tv/blog/index.rdf

description = occasionally cranky in manila
home = http://cheesedip.com/
name = cheesedip.com
rss = http://cheesedip.com/index.xml

description = Rants, raves, pointless mumbling and other important things.
home = http://codepoetry.net/
name = codepoetry;
rss = http://codepoetry.net/index.rdf

description = self therapy
home = http://cou.ch/
name = couch;
rss = http://cou.ch/index.rdf

description = A thorn in the side of the A-List
home = http://www.davezilla.com/
name = davezilla.com
rss = http://coolstop.com/radio/RssDistillerChannels/davezilla.xml

dive into mark
description = A lot of effort went into making this effortless.
home = http://diveintomark.org/
name = dive into mark
rss = http://diveintomark.org/xml/rss.php

description = knowledge = power, so share and it multiplies ~ Verna Allee
home = http://www.dws.us/weblog/
name = dws.
rss = http://www.dws.us/weblog/rss.xml

e-mike's Radio Weblog
description =
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0110236/
name = e-mike's Radio Weblog
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0110236/rss.xml

description = The personal blog of Evan Williams, co-founder and CEO of Pyra, the company behind Blogger. Here, I write about the web, business, technology, random other things, and my life in general.
home = http://www.evhead.com/
name = evhead;
rss = http://evhead.com/rss.xml

Weblogs G-N

description = Game Green? Games Phobia? Gamegrene.com!
home = http://www.gamegrene.com/
name = Gamegrene.com
rss = http://www.gamegrene.com/index.xml

home = http://blog.glennf.com/
description = The fortuitous juxtaposition of an umbrella, a fish stick, and a ham
home = http://blog.glennf.com/gmblog/
name = GlennLog;
rss = http://blog.glennf.com/rss.xml

Harvey Kirkpatrick: townblogger @ itown.com
description = we're connecting the world
home = http://www.itown.com/hkblog/
name = Harvey Kirkpatrick: townblogger @ itown.com
rss = http://www.itown.com/hkblog/rss.xml

description = The weblog of Brian Poulsen
home = http://www.hipoxia.com/
name = Hipoxia.com
rss = http://hipoxia.com/rss/

description = A chronicle of the Narrator's life and times in Squaresville, USA.
home = http://www.hivelogic.com/
name = Hivelogic;
rss = http://www.hivelogic.com/index.xml

description = The 10 latest Holovaty.com blog entries. Holovaty.com is a weblog examining the good and bad of news Web sites.
home = http://www.holovaty.com/
name = Holovaty.com
rss = http://www.holovaty.com/rss/

description =
home = http://www.instapundit.com/
name = Instapundit.com
rss = http://www.instapundit.com/index.xml

description = Interconnected WELCOME TO THE HOLOCENE
home = http://interconnected.org/home/
name = Interconnected;
rss = http://www.interconnected.org/home/rss/latest.xml

JD's New Media Musings
description = New Media Musings
home = http://jd.manilasites.com/
name = JD's New Media Musings
rss = http://jd.manilasites.com/xml/rss.xml

Jake's Brainpan
description = Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. --Benjamin Franklin.
home = http://jake.editthispage.com/
name = Jake's Brainpan
rss = http://jake.editthispage.com/xml/rss.xml

Java To Go
description = Java To Go
home = http://roller.anthonyeden.com/page/gklebus
name = Java To Go
rss = http://roller.anthonyeden.com/rss/gklebus

Jeff's Radio Weblog
description = Tuned in and turned on!
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001018/
name = Jeff's Radio Weblog
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001018/rss.xml

Jeremy Allaire's Radio
description = An exploration of media, communications and applications over the Internet.
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0113297/
name = Jeremy Allaire's Radio
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0113297/rss.xml

Jeremy Zawodny's blog
description = Linux, Perl, MySQL, Open Source, and whatever other random stuff catches my interest...
home = http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/
name = Jeremy Zawodny's blog
rss = http://jeremy.zawodny.com/blog/index.rdf

Joel on Software
description = Painless Software Management
home = http://www.joelonsoftware.com/
name = Joel on Software
rss = http://www.joelonsoftware.com/rss.xml

John Robb's Radio Weblog
description = No sense being pessimistic. It wouldn't work anyway.
home = http://jrobb.userland.com/
name = John Robb's Radio Weblog
rss = http://jrobb.userland.com/rss.xml

Joi Ito's Web
description = A weblog by some guy in Tokyo, covering technology, policy, culture and business.
home = http://joi.ito.com/
name = Joi Ito's Web
rss = http://joi.ito.com/index.xml

Jon's Radio
description = Jon Udell's Radio Blog
home = http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/
name = Jon's Radio
rss = http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/rss.xml

Jonathon Delacour
description = the heart of things
home = http://weblog.delacour.net/
name = Jonathon Delacour
rss = http://weblog.delacour.net/index.xml

Juri Pakaste - The Blog
description = hacking, life and hacking life
home = http://www.iki.fi/juri/blog/
name = Juri Pakaste - The Blog
rss = http://www.helsinki.fi/~pakaste/blog/flav_rss/index.html

Ken Bereskin
description =
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100676/
name = Ken Bereskin
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100676/rss.xml

description = Kerusan's weblog
home = http://kerusan.org/
name = Kerusan.org
rss = http://kerusan.org/index.xml

Lanette's Weblog
description =
home = http://www.lanettemiller.com/
name = Lanette's Weblog
rss = http://www.lanettemiller.com/index.rdf

Latest Grobots
description = Latest Grobots
home = http://civilbiodefence.com/
name = Latest Grobots
rss = http://civilbiodefence.com/rss.php

Life and Deatherage
description = It's a big world out there, and I'm part of it
home = http://friends.macjournals.com/mattd/
name = Life and Deatherage
rss = http://friends.macjournals.com/mattd/xml/rss.xml

Loosely Coupled weblog
description = Assembling on-demand web services to automate business
home = http://www.looselycoupled.com/blog/
name = Loosely Coupled weblog
rss = http://www.looselycoupled.com/blog/lc.xml

Marc's Voice
description = Home LANs + Broadband + Devices
home = http://blogs.it/0100198/
name = Marc's Voice
rss = http://blogs.it/0100198/rss.xml

Mark Bernstein
description = Mark Bernstein: hypertext research
home = http://markBernstein.org/
name = Mark Bernstein
rss = http://markbernstein.org/news.rss

description = Understanding (Internet) Media
home = http://mediasavvy.com/
name = MediaSavvy;
rss = http://mediasavvy.com/index.xml

home = http://uncorked.org/medley/
name = Medley;
rss = http://www.uncorked.org/medley/index.xml

home = http://www.megnut.com/
name = Megnut;
rss = http://www.megnut.com/index.xml

description = make links, not war
home = http://memepool.com/
name = Memepool;
rss = http://memepool.com/memepool.rss

Mike Cohen's Radio Weblog
description = Life, Macs, geeky stuff & anything else I feel like writing about.
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100097/
name = Mike Cohen's Radio Weblog
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100097/rss.xml

description = one part desktop distribution system: one part personal wblog.
home = http://www.mintchaos.com/
name = MintChaos;
rss = http://www.mintchaos.com/index.xml

Morons Dot Org
description = Exposing the insanity and stupidity in the world. Headlines and summaries may be censored here, but note that morons.org contains some strong language and controversial opinions. Please exercise discretion if you are easily offended.
home = http://www.morons.org/
name = Morons Dot Org
rss = http://www.morons.org/morons.rss

description = You like cars? Ya us too.
home = http://www.motoblog.com/
name = MotoBlog;
rss = http://www.motoblog.com/index.rdf

Nicholas Riley
description = Thoughts from a computer science graduate student, medical student and Cocoa programmer (this week).
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100148/
name = Nicholas Riley
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100148/rss.xml

Niel Eyde's Weblog
description = Devoted to Java, J2EE, open source, the Buccaneers, and life in Tampa Bay.....and the home of PersonalBlog.
home = http://www.eyde.net/
name = Niel Eyde's Weblog
rss = http://www.eyde.net/rss.jsp

iWalt.com: Weblog
description =
home = http://www.iwalt.com/weblog/
name = iWalt.com: Weblog
rss = http://www.iwalt.com/weblog/rss/index.php

description = Don't worry, we'll fix it in the mix.
home = http://www.jumpserve.com/blanco/
name = icblog;
rss = http://www.jumpserve.com/blanco/rss.xml

iceplant radio
description = revolution: human
home = http://www.iceplant.org/
name = iceplant radio
rss = http://www.iceplant.org/rss.xml

home = http://www.inessential.com/
description = Brent Simmons' weblog.
home = http://inessential.com/
name = inessential.com
rss = http://inessential.com/xml/rss.xml

description = inluminent: from Latin - to shed light. -- shedding light on small business, marketing, and other web based developments.
home = http://www.inluminent.com/weblog/
name = inluminent/weblog
rss = http://www.inluminent.com/weblog/index.rdf

josh lucas' Radio Weblog
description = Patches are always accepted...
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0111200/
name = josh lucas' Radio Weblog
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0111200/rss.xml

description =
home = http://www.kottke.org/
name = kottke.org
rss = http://www.kottke.org/index.xml

lawrence's notebook
description = (None.)
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001013/
name = lawrence's notebook
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001013/rss.xml

description = It's all margins
home = http://www.marginalia.org/log/
name = marginalia.org
rss = http://www.marginalia.org/log/index.rdf

description = the politics of new and old media, foreign policy, tech, culture, philosophy, and photography
home = http://misnomer.dru.ca/
name = misnomer;
rss = http://misnomer.dru.ca/index.xml

Weblogs O-Z

description = Our Collected Weblogs
home = http://www.wwpp.org/users/0000007/categories/p2Aggregate/
name = P2-Aggregate
rss = http://www.wwpp.org/users/0000007/categories/p2Aggregate/rss.xml

description = Paul Robichaux's weblog: packed as full as practical by modern packaging equipment
home = http://www.papascott.de/
name = PapaScott;
rss = http://www.papascott.de/index.rdf

Patrick and Such
description = The ramblings and such of Patrick.
home = http://patrickgibson.com/news/
name = Patrick and Such
rss = http://patrickgibson.com/news/index.rdf

Phil Ringnalda
description = Research Professor of Markup Cryptography, University of Blogaria
home = http://philringnalda.com/
name = Phil Ringnalda
rss = http://www.philringnalda.com/index.rdf

Prolific.org (ATF)
description = the wagon continues
home = http://prolific.org/
name = Prolific.org (ATF)
rss = http://prolific.org/resources/floods_rss.xml

Pudding Time!
description = a Web Journal by Michael Hall
home = http://www.puddingbowl.org/mph/
name = Pudding Time!
rss = http://www.puddingbowl.org/mph/index.rdf

Q Daily News
home = http://q.queso.com/
name = Q Daily News
rss = http://q.queso.com/index.rdf

QA Guy's Radio Weblog, A
description = Thoughts from Dave Liebreich
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100102/
name = QA Guy's Radio Weblog, A
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100102/rss.xml

Radio Bump
description = Reply Hazy, try again.
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100237/
name = Radio Bump
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100237/rss.xml

Radio Free Blogistan
description = now! with sodium pentathol
home = http://blogs.salon.com/0001111/
name = Radio Free Blogistan
rss = http://blogs.salon.com/0001111/rss.xml

description = What has Scott Girard been tinkering with today?
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100077/
name = Radio-Dadio
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0100077/rss.xml

Random Hacks
description = Technology, politics, miscellaneous fun stuff.
home = http://www.randomhacks.net/
name = Random Hacks
rss = http://www.randomhacks.net/backend/rss.xml

description = Various commentary on whatever...
home = http://zymm.com/raster/
name = RasterWeb!
rss = http://zymm.com/raster/rasterweb.rss

Ray Ozzie's Weblog
description =
home = http://www.ozzie.net/blog/
name = Ray Ozzie's Weblog
rss = http://www.ozzie.net/blog/rss.xml

description = Misc. Computing and Personal Glimpses
home = http://www.redmonk.net/
name = Redmonk.net
rss = http://www.redmonk.net/redmonk.rss

description = News and information on search engines, databases, and other Internet research resources
home = http://www.researchbuzz.com/
name = ResearchBuzz;
rss = http://www.researchbuzz.com/researchbuzz.rss

description = It's all about the technology baby (well, and a few other things).
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/
name = Scobleizer;
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001011/rss.xml

Simon Fell
description = Its just code
home = http://www.pocketsoap.com/weblog/
name = Simon Fell
rss = http://www.pocketsoap.com/weblog/rss.xml

Simone Bettini
description = Yet Another Engineer Blog
home = http://blogs.it/0100138/
name = Simone Bettini
rss = http://blogs.it/0100138/rss.xml

Sjoerd Visscher's weblog
description = My ideas about new web technology that can change the future of the world wide web.
home = http://w3future.com/weblog/
name = Sjoerd Visscher's weblog
rss = http://w3future.com/weblog/rss.xml

Snappy the Clam
description = The bivalve unhinged
home = http://www.panix.com/~jbm/snappy/
name = Snappy the Clam
rss = http://www.panix.com/~jbm/snappy/index.xml

Stating the Obvious
description =
home = http://www.theobvious.com/
name = Stating the Obvious
rss = http://www.theobvious.com/obvious_rss.xml

Status-Q: Quentin Stafford-Fraser's notepad
description = Miscellaneous ramblings which may, or may not, be of any interest to anybody else.
home = http://www.statusq.org/
name = Status-Q: Quentin Stafford-Fraser's notepad
rss = http://www.statusq.org/rss.xml

Surgical Diversions
description = my time out of the operating room
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001017/
name = Surgical Diversions
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001017/rss.xml

description = The weblog of Cardigan Industries
home = http://www.textism.com/
name = Textism;
rss = http://www.textism.com/rss.php

The Morning News - Features
description = The Morning News is a Web-based broadsheet, published weekdays.
home = http://www.themorningnews.org/
name = The Morning News - Features
rss = http://www.themorningnews.org/index.xml

description = Living on a thin line between sanity and insanity: diaries of the unsane ones.
home = http://www.unsanity.org/
name = Unsanity.org
rss = http://www.unsanity.org/index.rdf

description = Pointless commentary and incoherant masses of links generated by a critical care nurse, slightly crispy on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside.
home = http://www.vfth.com/
name = ViewFromTheHeart;
rss = http://www.vfth.com/xml/rss.xml

Vision? Nary! - Media Hostages
description = Posts from Vision? Nary! a humor / satire magazine. Also book and DVD reviews.
home = http://vision-nary.com/mediahostages/weblog.php
name = Vision? Nary! - Media Hostages
rss = http://vision-nary.com/mediahostages/index.xml

home = http://webword.com/
name = WebWord;
rss = http://webword.com/index.xml

Witold Riedel :: NYC
description = subjective thoughts and observations by Witold Riedel, a New Yorker photographer and draftsman by choice.
home = http://www.witoldriedel.com/MT/
name = Witold Riedel :: NYC
rss = http://www.witoldriedel.com/MT/index.xml

description = Programming and publishing news and commentary by Rogers Cadenhead.
home = http://www.pycs.net/workbench/
name = Workbench;
rss = http://www.pycs.net/workbench/rss.xml

description = Logging anything that comes its way.
home = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001134/
name = X-log
rss = http://radio.weblogs.com/0001134/rss.xml

ZOPEN-X: Web Dev and OS X
description = Web Development using Mac OS X
home = http://www.zopenx.net/
name = ZOPEN-X: Web Dev and OS X
rss = http://www.zopenx.net/index.rdf

ology dot org
description = Eric Tilton's weblog and photo journal
home = http://www.ology.org/
name = ology dot org
rss = http://www.ology.org/rss.xml

description = Weblog Free to the Public
home = http://www.onfocus.com/
name = onfocus.com
rss = http://www.onfocus.com/index_rss91.asp

description = having fun with SVG, Flash and HTML
home = http://www.protocol7.com/
name = protocol7;
rss = http://www.protocol7.com/default.asp?a=rss

raelity bytes
description = the raelity bytes weblog.
home = http://www.oreillynet.com/~rael/
name = raelity bytes
rss = http://www.oreillynet.com/~rael/index.rss

description = a mass of potential consciousness
home = http://randomwalks.com/
name = randomWalks;
rss = http://www.randomwalks.com/rw_rss.xml

rc3.org Daily
description = Rafe Colburn's weblog.
home = http://rc3.org/
name = rc3.org Daily
rss = http://rc3.org/rss/

reverse cowgirl's blog
description = wherein a writer attempts to justify the enormity of her porn collection
home = http://blogs.salon.com/0001437/
name = reverse cowgirl's blog
rss = http://blogs.salon.com/0001437/rss.xml

description = rottina.com
home = http://www.rottina.com/
name = rottina.com
rss = http://www.rottina.com/index.rdf

description = Author and media theorist Douglas Rushkoff's personal weblog.
home = http://www.rushkoff.com/blog.html
name = rushkoff.blog
rss = http://www.rushkoff.com/rssfeed.xml

description = the fusion of law, economics, and technology
home = http://www.statonlaw.net/weblog/
name = statonBlog;
rss = http://www.statonlaw.net/weblog/index.rdf

takete: ask the Mountie
description = The trusty Mountie is well known for his wisdom and wit - just ask him a question. He always replies with the profound wisdom one can only truly expect from a Mountie.
home = http://www.takete.com/askthemountie/question.asp?id=
name = takete: ask the Mountie
rss = http://www.takete.com/askthemountie/askthemountie.xml

description = Where Ideas Come To Die
home = http://www.them.ws/
name = them.ws
rss = http://www.them.ws/backend.php

description = a weblog about journalism and computer-assisted reporting
home = http://thescoop.org.hg.sabren.com/
name = thescoop.org
rss = http://thescoop.org/index.xml

this is aaronland | weblog | rss
home = http://aaronland.info/weblog/
description =
home = http://aaronland.info/weblog/archive
name = this is aaronland | weblog | rss
rss = http://aaronland.info/weblog/rss

vanderwal.net Off the Top
description = Tail -f of thoughts from Thomas Vander Wal
home = http://www.vanderwal.net/random/index.php
name = vanderwal.net Off the Top
rss = http://www.vanderwal.net/random/vanderwal.xml

description = WebGraphics is a daily compilation of hypertext design resources, links, commentary and notes.
home = http://www.web-graphics.com/
name = webgraphics;
rss = http://web-graphics.com/mtweblog/index.xml

description = random musings and explorations from the mind of masukomi
home = http://weblog.masukomi.org/
name = weblog.masukomi.org
rss = http://weblog.masukomi.org/rss.xml

webraw/blog :: uncooked web goodness
description = Web Cult(ure) commentary, news, links and nuggets of joy provided by a Massive Super Computer in Memphis, TN.
home = http://www.webraw.com/blog/index.php
name = webraw/blog :: uncooked web goodness
rss = http://www.webraw.com/blog/blogger_rss.xml

description = widepipe.org is sunil doshi's weblog.
home = http://widepipe.org/
name = widepipe.org
rss = http://widepipe.org/index_full.xml

description = Thoughts on human interaction over the next 25 years
home = http://www.winterspeak.com/
name = winterspeak.com
rss = http://www.winterspeak.com/blogger_rss.xml

xlab : a mac os x weblog
description = A weblog about Apple and Mac OS X
home = http://www.xlab.co.uk/macosx/
name = xlab : a mac os x weblog
rss = http://www.xlab.co.uk/macosx/rss.php

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